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Jari Ketola, Markus Lustig and Helena Pekkanen to receive special medals of merit for working environment work

Minister of Social Security Sanni Grahn-Laasonen has awarded special medals of merit for working environment work to Managing Director Jari Ketola, Occupational Safety Manager Markus Lustig and Workplace Well-being Manager Helena Pekkanen. Special medals of merit are awarded in recognition for exceptional work to improve the working environment.

The theme of the application process for special medals of merit for working environment work was the prevention and management of work-related stress.

Persistent developer of well-being at work and occupational safety operations

Pesäpuu ry’s Managing Director Jari Ketola has made long-term efforts to develop and promote Pesäpuu ry’s holistic occupational safety and employee health through preventive measures. Pesäpuu is a child welfare development community that operates nationwide in the field of child welfare.

Under the leadership of Jari Ketola, the complexity and special characteristics of Pesäpuu’s development work have been identified. For this purpose, guidelines on ethical development work at Pesäpuu have been created in co-operation with employees, which enable and clarify development activities and promote well-being at work, learning and competence. Under Ketola’s leadership, the role of experience experts in child welfare has been reinforced at Pesäpuu. Ketola has been involved in creating an inclusive work culture with a low hierarchy and a working community where it is safe to work, with great results.

Visions and ideas into practice

Markus Lustig, Occupational Safety Manager at Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd, has actively and practically developed occupational safety and health and occupational safety and health co-operation at Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd. As Occupational Safety Manager, Lustig has contributed to several developmental steps and new ways of working in the areas of both psychosocial and physical workload.  Examples include the implementation of the Hetipurku operating model, prevention of slipping accidents as well as training and instructions on harassment, discrimination and inappropriate treatment.

Lustig has succeeded in building natural and smooth co-operation. The work has led to visible results that have improved well-being and safety at work.

Pioneering work for well-being at work and occupational health

Helena Pekkanen, Workplace Well-being Manager at Skanska Oy, has innovatively and pioneeringly supported and promoted the work ability of builders both at Skanska and in the construction sector as a whole for more than three decades. Pekkanen’s impact on the sector has been significant.

Helena Pekkanen has, through consistent effort, developed operating models and measures to prevent and manage both psychosocial and physical workloads. Examples include supporting mental health in the construction sector, implementing occupational health care on construction sites, developing work ability management operating models and using external support structures to ease the workload. Pekkanen’s particular strength is broad and active co-operation with various parties and involvement of the line organisation. Pekkanen shares her knowledge and experiences openly both within and outside Skanska.

The minister responsible for occupational safety and health awards special medals of merit annually on the proposal of the remuneration committee for work environment work that operates in connection with the Centre for Occupational Safety.  

Minister Grahn-Laasonen presented the special medals of merit to the recipients on Monday, 29 April 2024. The medals were presented at a seminar on the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. 

In addition, the following persons or entities were recognised for their working environment work:

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