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“The work atmosphere survey results came. The development areas are clear, and it is really important to collect the team’s solution proposals. What would be a simple and functional way to realise the results?”

Topic: a general method that can be applied to many situations

Time required: from half an hour to an hour, requires preparation

Materials: tables, flip chart paper or disposable tablecloths, markers

Method description

Select the key development areas from a workplace survey report or the results of a work atmosphere survey.

Place a table for each of the development areas in the working space. Place a flip chart paper or a disposable tablecloth on each table. Write one of the development areas on each one. Leave, at least, one marker on each table.

Divide the participants into as many small groups as there are development areas (preferably 4–5 people per group). Ask each group to move to one table and choose a person to write things down. Tell the participants that each group shall visit all the tables except for the person writing things down.

Ask the groups to discuss the development area on the table: What could we do to improve the situation? One person writes down the ideas on the paper or tablecloth.

After about 10 minutes, each group moves on to the next table where the discussion continues after the person writing things down has first briefly summarised the previous action or solution ideas.

The rotation continues until all groups have visited all tables.

Finally, the persons who wrote things down present to everyone the action or solution ideas that came up.