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“Phew. What a meeting. I did most of the talking, and the group was not motivated to solve the situation together. I wonder how more experienced colleagues would act in a similar situation.”

Topic: meeting practices, development discussion, feedback

Time required: from half an hour to an hour, requires preparation

Materials: flip chart paper, marker, a pen and a notepad

Method description

Write down the following on a flip chart or slide:

Ask each participant to think about their wishes and to write them down. Reserve a couple of minutes for individual reflection. Tell the participants that multiple wishes regarding each point are allowed. The wishes do not have to be said out loud.

Form small groups. Reserve about ten minutes for discussion in small groups. Ask the groups to discuss their wishes and complete each sentence with one shared wish:

Ask each group to share their wishes. Write them down.

Finally, ask the groups to complete the following sentence: In order for our three wishes to be realised, we are willing to…

Reserve approximately five minutes for this.

Ask each group to share the things they are willing to do to improve the meetings. Write them down.

Additional materials