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“Phew. What a meeting. I did most of the talking, and the group was not motivated to solve the situation together. I wonder how more experienced colleagues would act in a similar situation.”

Topic: meeting practices, fairness, listening

Time required: less than 10 minutes, no time-consuming preparation required

Materials: paper and a pen

Method description

Go through the issues to be discussed at the beginning of the meeting and what the goal of each one is (for example, informing about the current situation or a joint evaluation of issue x).

Tell the participants that each of them has three (five) imaginary speech bubbles at their disposal, each of which represents one opportunity to take the floor, a suggestion, question or comment in the meeting. Tell them that you hope that as many people as possible will use at least some of their speech bubbles so that everyone can share their thoughts in the meeting.

Monitor the use of speech bubbles and, if necessary, remind the participants to use them. Encourage the use of speech bubbles.