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The results of the workplace’s own risk assessment must also be taken into account when preparing the action plan. This ensures that the content of the action plan is based on the needs of the workplace and includes the measures essential to supporting work ability and preventing work ability problems.

The action plan must be reviewed in cooperation with the employees in the occupational safety and health committee or with the occupational safety and health representative, for example.

The action plan includes the contact details of the parties implementing the occupational health care service, the needs of the workplace and the goals of the activities, as well as the means of implementing occupational health care and those responsible for it:

The action plan also describes

If the employer offers medical care services to its employees in addition to the statutory preventive occupational health care, the scope and content of these services are specified
in the action plan.

The occupational health care action plan is revised annually. The employer and employees assess the occupational health care activities and their effectiveness in cooperation with the occupational health care provider. In this context, changes can be made to the following year’s action plan on the basis of, for example, new investigations or surveys carried out at the workplace.