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Duties of the occupational safety manager

It is the occupational safety manager’s duty to assist the employer and supervisors in tasks related to the acquisition of occupational safety and health expertise and cooperation with the employees, occupational health care and safety authorities.

Although no formal qualifications or shown competence is required from the occupational safety manager, the manager should be competent enough when considering the nature of the job and the size of the workplace. The employer must make sure that the occupational safety manager is provided with adequate resources for the performance of their duties.

The occupational safety manager looks into the conditions and safety regulations of the workplace and participates in health and safety inspections. The manager takes care that occupational health and safety cooperation is organized in the workplace and participates in occupational safety committee meetings. The occupational safety manager enters occupational safety personnel in the occupational safety personnel register.

As a manager, the occupational safety manager is not legally responsible for occupational health and safety. The same person can act as an occupational safety manager for more than one workplace.