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Statutory health checks can be performed:

In work that presents a special risk of illness, health checks are performed at the beginning and end of the employment relationship as well as at regular intervals (initial and periodic checks). Their purpose is to monitor the health effects of the work and to prevent employees from falling ill due to exposure or other risk of illness involved in the work. Health checks are usually performed every 1–3 years, and the interval is specified according to the working conditions.

The supervisor can direct an employee to a work ability assessment if they suspect that the employee’s work ability has weakened. If necessary, the employee can also contact occupational health care themselves to have their work ability assessed.

A health check can also be performed to assess an employee’s work ability and functional capacity or to monitor how an employee with partial work ability is coping at work. Employees must attend statutory health checks. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that the statutory health checks are performed.