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Police investigation into the forgery of Occupational Safety Cards

The Helsinki Police Department has moved forward with the prosecution of a person suspected of aggravated forgery, impersonation of a public official and trademark infringement.

The suspect sold, for example, forged Occupational Safety Cards and hygiene passports to people who had recently arrived in Finland, such as asylum seekers.

The suspect had also personally forged temporary certificates for hygiene passports and Occupational Safety Cards. The suspected crimes were committed over the span of more than one year, during which time the suspect had at least hundreds of customers. The identities of the buyers of all the hygiene passports and Occupational Safety Cards have not been uncovered in the course of the preliminary investigation.

The police have not managed to obtain all of the forged cards. For this reason, companies should pay extra attention to the authenticity of Occupational Safety Cards.

If you have any doubts regarding the authenticity of your own or an employee’s Occupational Safety Card, you can verify it by contacting the Centre for Occupational Safety by email at kortti@ttk.fi.

The Occupational Safety Card system is administrated by the Centre for Occupational Safety.