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Staff leasing and occupational safety – Checklists for all parties

The Service Group of the Centre for Occupational Safety has released a guide titled "Staff leasing and occupational safety," which discusses key issues aimed at ensuring smooth work and safe working days in temporary agency work. The issues are examined from the perspectives of staffing service companies, companies using temporary agency workers and temporary agency workers themselves. The objective is to support the drafting of contracts and good practices at workplaces.

The occupational safety and health liability in temporary agency work is divided between the staffing company and the user company. Both parties are responsible for ensuring that the workday in temporary agency work proceeds safely and productively.

“Shared responsibility for occupational safety may seem challenging to grasp. In the preparation of the guide, we aimed to make its different aspects more practical,” said Senior Specialist Seija Moilanen.

In temporary agency work, the employee works under the management and supervision of the user company outside the premises of their actual employer. In addition to companies, temporary agency work is also used by communities and public actors.

“The importance of orientation can never be emphasized enough. Therefore, we have included forms in the guide to support the planning and implementation of orientation, which both the staffing company and the user company can utilize,” Moilanen continued.

The Centre for Occupational Safety encourages all parties involved in temporary staffing to make use of the information and checklists provided in the guide to enhance workplace safety. Together, we can ensure that work proceeds safely and productively.

The guide was prepared by a working group that included:
Petri Ellimäki, Employment Industry Finland
Sini Kasanen, the Finnish Union of Practical Nurses (SuPer)
Tanja Lehtoranta, Trade Union Pro
Seija Moilanen, the Centre for Occupational Safety
Merja Vihersalo, Service Union United PAM

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