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Becoming part of the work community

Interpersonal skills are important in the work community as they promote understanding, trust and co-operation. Open and honest communication creates a positive atmosphere that promotes employee well-being.

Voice Ergonomics

Voice ergonomics helps us to find solutions to factors that stress the voice.

Supervisors and change communications

In change situations, the supervisor’s role in open, regular, clear and trusting communications and interaction is emphasised. The aim of this leaflet is to compile good practices and noteworthy perspectives that supervisors can benefit from.

Identifying the hazards of office work

This form is intended for the identification of the hazards and harms involved in the physical, technical and operational environment of office-type expert work and as support for assessing risks.

The assessment of well-being at work

The assessment of well-being at work will help you evaluate the practices that promote well-being at your workplace: what areas of well-being at work are implemented well at your workplace and what areas still need development.

Let’s meet online!

In more and more work communities, a substantial share of the interactions and encounters take place virtually. This publication provides some tips on how the host of the event can support and strengthen a sense of connecting with people and an open, conversational atmosphere in online meetings.