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The handbook guides you through each method. Whether you are a beginner or have been guiding teams for a long time, you will find a method that suits your skill level. The methods are categorised according to the time required for preparation and implementation.

How to use the handbook:

“Phew. What a meeting. I did most of the talking, and the group was not motivated to solve the situation together. I wonder how more experienced colleagues would act in a similar situation.”

“We are, once again, about to start identifying risk and stress factors of work. How could I motivate everyone working in my area of responsibility to participate in the evaluation and to bring up the essential issues?”

“Discussion about accidents or near accidents easily drifts into who is to blame and who hasn’t followed the instructions. How could I steer the conversation so that we get to the root causes?”

“A new employee is about to start, the work situation is busy and the mentors barely have enough time. How can I ensure that work gets done, the new arrival gets the support they need and the team’s well-being is taken care of?”

“The work atmosphere survey results came. The development areas are clear, and it is really important to collect the team’s solution proposals. What would be a simple and functional way to realise the results?”

“There are a lot of important things to remind myself about in the occupational health and safety action programme. How can I best utilise them in my everyday work?”

“There are lots of new employees in the team, and a new operating year is about to start. How can I make the team’s goal-setting discussion efficient and inspiring? How to best bring out the expertise and strengths of each team member?”

Structure of Working Together: A Handbook

  • examples of other situations where the method could be used
  • the time required for implementation and preparation
    • less than 10 minutes, no time-consuming preparation required
    • less than half an hour, requires some preparation
    • from half an hour to an hour, requires preparation
  • the materials needed to use the method
  • method description
  • additional materials

Published by:
The Centre for Occupational Safety
Mikko Kuivalainen, Seija Moilanen and Jarna Savolainen
Release year:
Cross-cutting topics
Operating model